Gospel Of Peace Ministries

Preparing The Bride of Messiah for Our Bridegroom's Return

Prepare Yourself!

 Oh Lord I see you moving across the earth like a title wave. Souls are coming into your kingdom. Your glorious return is coming soon. You are preparing your armies for that day of your terrible and glorious return.


Is your bride ready? Has she adorned herself with Your Love, Passion and Zeal for her?


Does she hunger for you has a bride desires her groom the night of her wedding?


Is Her dress white and without spot or blemish?


Where is your bride oh Lord Yeshua?


Is she roaming the streets trying to buy oil for her Lamp? Or is she waiting for You in her bridal chamber with her lamp full of oil and her face shining with the light of expectancy of your soon Return?


Oh bride today is the day Prepare yourself for Your Groom is coming soon!!!!


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