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Gospel Of Peace MInistries Affiliate Program

What does it mean to affiliate with Gospel Of Peace Ministries?


Gospel of Peace Ministries has received requests for years and almost daily for us to mentor, partner or request for affiliation. We have been asked for money as well. For years I have prayed and asked God what am I supposed to do with all the request?

My husband and I are not financially able to support anyone financially.

I wasn’t sure what I could offer those pastors and leaders who would come to me for mentorship and teaching.

The requests have increased so much I believed we had to do something, and God finally showed me how I could minister to the people who have requested us to work together. So, we have started this affiliation program. Below is how "Gospel of Peace Ministries" can minister through this affiliation program.


Gospel of Peace Ministries Does NOT offer Financial Support to Its Affiliates.


  1. We offer prayer support for our affiliates. We pray for your family and Ministry and any requests for prayer you have. All prayer requests are confidential unless the Affiliate representative wants those prayer request to become public


  1. We offer biblical Spiritual accountability


  1. Pastoral Counsel- as well as biblical counsel as well.


  1. We will offer at least Monthly Biblical Teaching maybe more as the Lord Leads.


  1. We offer access to biblical study material as they become available to "Gospel Of Peace Ministries". No promises or guarantee for materials.


  1. We offer "Affiliates Only" Facebook Group. So, affiliates may communicate with one another, pray for one another, maybe help one another. Receive updates, video and written teaching from Gospel of Peace Ministries.

We reserve the right to cancel this Facebook group at any time.


  1. As an affiliate, we will put your ministry on our website. This way we can let people know about your Ministry. We will encourage direct giving to your ministry. No money with go through Gospel of Peace Ministries. Any Giving to affiliates will go directly to the affiliate. So, you must provide a way to receive money directly from donors. We reserve the right to remove your ministry from our website at any time.


  1. We will give ministry updates at least Monthly. Maybe more as needed



  1. Affiliates may remove their affiliation with "Gospel of Peace Ministries" at any time by written Request


  1.  We reserve the right to remove your affiliation with us at any time.  We will give you written notice and reason for removal.


  1. We may add to this list as needed or directed by the Lord. You will receive written notice.


Affiliate Application