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Slippery Slope


Being a believer in Messiah can create some real difficulties in our walk with our Messiah. The world we live in can be so anti-God and Anti Religion which makes little room for accommodating a Christian way of life. I have heard many things over the last few weeks that have grieved me.

I sent out a video about why Christians should observe the Sabbath Saturday instead of Sunday. The response was confusing to me.  One response basically told me to stop arguing over the Shabbat and Sunday and another said it is basically impossible with the way the world is to obey the Sabbath they both implied that celebrating the Sabbath has no bearing on my relationship with Messiah but was mostly religious.

 I will have to disagree with their hypothesis. I believe celebrating the seventh day as the weekly Sabbath takes faith because without faith you cannot obey. Yeshua/Jesus is the author and finisher of our Faith, therefore, we cannot have faith without having a relationship with our Messiah Yeshua. 

Of course, we can worship God any day of the week. Yes, there are times when we are unable to worship with other believers on the Sabbath. Sometimes we must get the ox out of the ditch on the Sabbath. Observing the Sabbath is not a way to Salvation only faith in Yeshua is the way.

I also heard a preacher say basically it was ok to mix the holy with the profane so that people would not hate God. This so grieved me, and I believed this may have grieved the Holy Spirit only the Holy Spirit knows this. What does this have to do with observing the Sabbath on the seventh day? If we make exceptions to Gods Word, we may lose our anchor and drift from Gods Truth and lose our way like the Pharisees. The Pharisees added to the Word of God. Do we not think that if we take away from His word we will not suffer the same fate?

I don’t believe we have to build huge walls around Gods Word but we must seek to know the truth and observe with all our heart soul and might Gods instructions, precepts and commands. The enemy of our souls is looking for whom he may devour. Gods Word is our Anchor in the days to come. Yeshua is the Word let us not go down the slippery slope of excuses of why we won’t obey Him.

We must continually walk in repentance asking Adonai to search for any wicked way in us. His return is imminent.  

Michelle Enterline


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